Hockey is a fast sport of skill and instinct. No two games are alike…so having great skating skills allows players to react to the play without the concern of slipping, falling or being too slow to make a play.

My training in figures gave me a deep, analytical knowledge of balance on my edges. I can diagnose and expose weakness in skaters. Breaking information down is one of my specialties. I find so much joy in the ‘light bulb moments’ when a student feels, or understands their skating better.

The curriculum I developed is a breakdown of all skating moves, that start small and easy and build in complexity. Isolated slow movements provide the best technique for muscle awareness.
After exercises for balance and coordination, I focus on form. Then to form, add power and rhythm.

Repeated correct muscle movement will develop good habits and skating.
Understanding the mechanics of movement, allows for more confidence and therefore more power to be applied. The more powerful pushes, the faster the skater.

Efficiency is key. Proper skating technique needs to be practiced so that it becomes natural.

-Coach Dawn