Our son Cam is getting a lot of attention from many different Jr Teams and Colleges, and he would not be getting this attention if it wasn’t for the time Coach Dawn has spent with him working on his skating. You could see a difference from the first lesson Dawn had with him. Skating use to be the thing that held my son back, now coaches and scouts comment for a big man how well he skates.

Steve Dykstra – Former NHL Player

I played junior hockey for the past three years and I’m currently a freshman hockey player at Colorado College. I’ve been working with Coach Dawn since my U14 year. She has helped me to improve my skating ability immensely. During the long seasons at the junior and college level there isn’t much time for individual work so every chance I get I look to work with Coach Dawn to keep my skating at peak performance.

Duggie Lagrone- Division 1 Colorado College Defensemen 

I came to Dallas after being cut from junior teams in the USHL and NAHL because my stride wasn’t efficient. Coach Dawn helped me learn about my stride, and break it down in a way that I’ve never had a chance to do. She let me see my flaws and my progress through video, and different skating exercises. I’m at the end of my season now and my coaches have told me my stride has improved tremendously. I owe this to Coach Dawn. She’s a great teacher because she not only teaches you how to correct your mistakes, but how to find them yourself, when you’re practicing without her. She’s a kind and energetic person to be around, and I would recommend her as a skating coach to players of all ages and skill levels. No matter who you are “I guarantee” you Dawn will make you a better skater.

Jasper Korican-Barlay –  Former Tier1 Midget Major AAA, Currently Playing-Juniors in the USPHL 

“As an experienced ice hockey coach myself, I can say that Dawn is an expert in teaching ice skating and coaching power skating. In fact, she is my son’s skating coach. She also has a fantastic teaching style that includes positivity, encouragement, and caring.”

Kris Deininger- Experienced Hockey Dad

My boys (08 & 09) absolutely LOVE Coach Dawn! Her read on what each skater needs is spot on. I knew we had the right skating coach when she described my boys’ learning styles (one is linear, the other is all over the place!) so succinctly. She hadn’t even worked with my youngest yet, just watched him skate for fun with his brother a few times. We grab her every chance we can!

Emily Ragsdale- Proud Hockey Mom of Two Players

As we prepare for the 2016-17 Season tryouts, I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you.  It is remarkable how much Ethan’s stride and efficiency on the ice have improved so much in such a short period of time!  Ethan really enjoys working with you and the results show it.  It has been a team effort but Ethan’s transformation on the ice has been largely in part  to your coaching.  I can not thank you enough and look forward to having our boys continue working with you to improve at the game they love.

Riquinha Family